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Learning to Brush

Stage 2: Guide for 0-3 Years

Say “bye-bye” to wiping gums and finger brushing. This next stage is all about learning to brush and building a routine of oral care for healthy, adorable smiles. Good thing Orajel™ Kids is pediatrician recommended from first tooth to full smile.

Learning to Brush
How to Brush
Motivating Your Child
Watch Outs

Learning to Brush

Around age 2, when most baby teeth are in, it’s a great time to start developing an oral care routine. Because your tot is just beginning to learn fine motor skills like gripping and moving a toothbrush, plan to be their brushing buddy and do the oral care for them.

Fluoride-Free & In Training

Until your child is an independent brusher, keep brushing their teeth with a soft bristle brush twice a day. Use a small, pea-size squirt of fluoride-free training toothpaste. Since it is fluoride-free, rest assured, it is safe if swallowed when used as directed. Still have your child practice spitting to be a pro by the time they transition to fluoride toothpaste sometime after age 2.

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How to Brush Teeth

As children grow, so do their motor skills. Here are 3 tips to help make brushing for your child second nature.

Loving Motivation

If your child hesitates or avoids brushing, encourage your little one’s oral care routine with some clever and loving motivation.

Watch Outs

Since you’re still helping your child brush twice daily, you’re likely to notice change and growth. Here are 3 things to watch for during this stage.

Off the Thumb & Paci

Thumb sucking and using a paci is totally normal, but strive to wean by 3 years old. Sucking for too long can lead to braces or corrective surgery.

Fluoride Boost

Some kids need more fluoride than others, so make sure you chat with the dentist. The dentist might recommend supplements if a fluoride boost is needed.


Regularly lift your child’s lips to check for small white or brown spots on their teeth. These spots may indicate decay. If you notice discoloration, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Things to Remember

Daytime (After Feeding):

Brush your toddler’s teeth for 2 minutes. If they are getting the hang of it, have them practice brushing on their own—with you supervising!

Night (Before Bed):

Repeat the morning routine!


Change your child’s toothbrush 3 to 4 times a year.

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