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Pediatrician Recommended

Teething and Tooth & Gum Care

(Ages 0+)

Our Stage 1 teething products and tooth & gum cleansers are designed for your newborn baby and will take you through the onset of their first baby teeth. Oral habits need to start early and our tooth & gum cleansers make it easy for you to clean your baby’s gums before teeth even start popping through. And when they do, Orajel™ has a full line of benzocaine-free and drug-free teething products that help you calm, relax, and soothe your teething infant—day or night.

Learning to Brush

(Ages 0-3)

As babies grow into toddlers, parents trust Orajel to help establish an early oral care routine. Our Stage 2 100% naturally sourced fluoride-free training toothpaste is ideal for learning how to brush. It’s gentle, safe if swallowed, and effective at cleaning little kids’ teeth and gums with brushing. Orajel training toothpaste features your kids’ favorite characters and delicious fruity flavors that make brushing fun!

Independent Brushing

(Ages 2-10)

Finally, for independent brushers, Orajel Stage 3 fluoride toothpaste protects against cavities, strengthens teeth, and helps keep gums healthy for beautiful smiles.

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